Power House Museum

The PowerHouse Museum Centre will showcase the power generation of the past, the present and the future through various exhibits. The Past exhibition will showcase the history of the power station and how it operated, incorporating remaining power generation equipment – refurbished to a condition fit for a modern, high-end museum.

museum-2The Present exhibition will incorporate the existing power sub-station as an annex exhibit, a real-life operational gallery where meters and instruments in the existing substation will be duplicated on the exterior art walls. Interactive graphs and touchscreen computers alongside thick horizontal stylized windows will illustrate the average household power used each day, as well as the equivalent power used within an average household at PowerHouse City, which incorporates sustainable design and renewable power generation. The Future exhibit showcases how power is generated from nature and its elements including earth (geothermal), water (hydro), sun (solar), and air (wind).


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