Green Homes and Retirement Living

Catering to a wide range of living standards, suited to all stages of life from young families to Retirement Living. Green Homes offers concepts like “Home Farm”.Home Farm is a conceptual proposal for the next generation of vertical retirement housing has been proposed in Singapore by Spark Architects.

It presents an opportunity for all places to embrace a living and farming typology that combines apartments and facilities for seniors and families with vertical urban gardens & farming.

Retirement-Living-3-croppedSeniors and families live in a high-density garden environment created by a vegetable farm, where they may be engaged with Community. It aims to generate discussion about the many potentials that can emerge from the mixing of two typically separate realms.


The concept addresses two challenges how we might support a rapidly ageing society and how to enhance enhance our food security.It also provides abundant availability of fresh, organic produce at your fingertips.

To find out more about this innovative concept please see more here.

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