Digital Film Studio

A digital film studio would generate unique and creative opportunities between the precinct and Asia, in particular countries like India and China, both of which share similar time zones.

The focus of the studio is anticipated to be both in the development of creative and entertainment content, and as a digital resource to be used by community and professionals, particularly in the areas of simulation, animation and virtualisation, gameification and digital convergence. Strategic alliances will be formed with reputable tertiary institutions and the Research and Development sector. In addition, industry partnerships will be sought with key international organisations and innovative local enterprises.

Films Currently In Development include, the feature film – “Diesel” .

 [ Download Production Overview ]

Rudolf Diesel was an innovator.
Inventor of the Diesel engine, considered to be the greatest of his time, he was winner of the Worlds Fair in the year 1900 for which the Eiffel Tower in Paris was built.
The film portrays the original intention as a bio-diesel engine. The film seeks to showcase man behind the engine. Diesel, the Ecologist nobody knows.

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