3D Experience

Aboriginal Culture/Interpretive Centre for West Australia

Next Dimension Entertainment is pleased to submit this proposal to create a valuable resource for the Aboriginal people who so need this important exposure.

Our view is that a multimedia presentation facility hosted within the new centre will provide a valuable resource for both local and national indigenous populous as well as offering a refreshing, modern, fascinating and exciting look into the lives of the aborigines, PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE.

We will engage hearts, minds and souls with a fully interactive audio visual presentation which will provide a lasting legacy for all visitors to embrace and better understand what is arguably described as the oldest living race on earth.

Directed by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award winning Peter Georgi (Halo Films, BBC 3D, Imax film The Human Body, Discovery, and History Channel, historic Walking With Cavemen and documentary D- Day), we will produce a powerful 3D film bringing a beautiful historic account of the Aboriginal people through the ages to life, creating a stunning visual portrait with;

  •  colourful dramatic re-creations,
  •  enlightening interviews with emotive dialogue and uplifting Aboriginal music, which will highlight the culture and heritage of the indigenous population and what it means to be an Aborigine today; and hopefully inspiring others to think differently, as we believe a message of understanding through enlightenment will help encourage learning, knowledge, and help to promote awareness, positivity and harmony for all.The presentation will be in two parts. The first being the walkway, or gallery leading up to the main exhibit, and the second being the attraction itself.

The 3D Dream Machine

Is composed of a fully interactive and dedicated display area which includes several films* to engage the visitor in a unique perspective regarding aboriginal history, culture and the spirits. Each 3D gallery takes a number of visitors at a time, guiding them on a journey through 50,000 years of history.

Told through the magic of the Aboriginal mythological storytelling, the theme of the Aboriginal Six Seasons and featuring the latest in leading edge, state of the art technology, we will oversee the installation of a semi-permanent 3D dome display arena into the heart of the centre, where holographically projected people from the past and the future will guide us on a journey through time and space, as we scroll through 50,000 years exploring and learning the ancient cultures of the Aboriginal people, where our guides will bring us not just up to date but also give us a mystical vision of an ideal future for all.

This project is be brought to life with assistance from legendary Hollywood producer Robert Watts (Star Wars Trilogy, 2001 A Space Odyssey) complimented by Hollywood Special Effects veteran Tim Eaton (Titanic, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future Trilogy, Men In Black), and directed by Peter Georgi (BBC The Human Body 3D Imax).

It is envisaged the engagement with these film legends will assist with the opportunities to showcase the wider attractions and the region.

Alliance partners who have offered their services: Robert Watts, Tim Eaton

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